Hi, I'm Danielle and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

My first yoga class made me angry. Who has time to stand there and breathe?!

I'd spent the previous 10 years in constant motion, hustling for my worthiness. I was a relentless doer. 

Stillness made my skin crawl. 

(Side note: it still does some days, but more on that later.)

Twelve years later, I am an RYT 200 certified yoga teacher.

My practice has taught me the importance of:

p a t i e n c e,

s p a c e,


g o i n g   s l o w.

It's taken a long-time to break the cycle of always trying to perform, perfect, and prove. It's still daily work for me.

Yoga gives me a still point in a turning world. A place to be, rather than do. 

My classes focus on tuning-in and nurturing yourself. Yoga is a chance to extend the same kindness we give to others to ourselves. 


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